Research and experience has shown that the longer the account is outstanding – the higher the risk and chance of non-recovery.
  • It is proven; that when an outside collection company gets involved the Debtor knows that payment is a priority.
  • Debt collection is time consuming and a specialized field. Credit Control Services’ (CCS) expertise and years of collections has resulted in money in the bank.
  • The services offered by CCS saves staff cost by reducing head counts and offering guaranteed results.
  • There may be some Debtors you’d prefer not to chase for payment yourself – these accounts will be done by CCS with persistence while treating the Debtor as valued, whilst maintaining goodwill.
  • All information gathered is referred back to you, the Client for your records and monthly reports are submitted.
  • Finally, once the Debtors book is within the agreed Client terms, the book will be handed back to you, the Client, should you so prefer.